5 strange dishes you might want to try in Egypt

Sometimes, we come across strangely named dishes that might or might not have unusual ingredients. Whether you’re curious enough to try those items or not, it is definitely one way for those restaurants to stand out from the crowd.

That's a way to stand out!

That’s a way to stand out!

Below are some of the strange items we came across:

Caviar Sandwich from Baladi

Caviar is a delicacy with a huge and meticulous fanbase. When we mention Caviar, the first image that pops to head is this:


And when we say “Caviar Sandwich”, you’d probably think about this:

However, Baladi managed to add the Egyptian touch to the delicious delicacy and came up with this special sandwich:


Cheese Burger Pizza from Roma Pizza To Go

This is what you’d usually expect when you hear or see the words “Burger Pizza”:

burger pizza

The reality is different, though. It’s just a regular pizza with everyone’s favorite topping: Cheese Burger. Thank you, Roma Pizza To Go!


Black Forest Pie from Majesty

You would expect a typical chocolate cake with delicious cherries and cream in the shape of a pie but we all know that in Egypt, a pie is typically made of pastry and is usually called Feteer.

The Black Forest Pie from Majesty is a twist to the popular Feteer Meshaltet which is usually either served sweet with sugar, custard/cream & nuts (and/or coconut) or savory with cheese and vegetables if you’re being extra wild. With extra cherries, pineapple, peach, apple, kiwi, bananas, chocolate, cream and raisins; The Black Forest Pie is surely unique and promises a delicious experience to those who try it.


The extra additions gave Feteer lovers their Feteer Utopia and there’s practically hundreds of ways to enjoy Feteer, sweet or savory.

Warm Apple Crisp Pizza from Crust

Another twist to Pizza and it sounds extremely delicious. Topped with apples and caramelized cinnamon, it surely is one item that you wouldn’t want to miss courtesy of Crust. We’ve tried it and we highly recommend it if you’re a fan with freshly baked Pizza and mouthwatering apple. (Pro tip: you can also add extra ice cream to it)


Shaburger Sandwich from Shawerma El Reem

We all love Shawerma. But have you tried a Shawerma Burger?

The recipe is simple: Shawerma spiced burger patty. Shawerma El Reem didn’t just stuff the Shawerma in a bun (another item available on their menu), they also came up with a delicious burger with shawerma spices. All for the love of Shawerma!


BONUS: Just Hawawshi

There’s nothing weird about Hawawshi but we wanted to add Just Hawawshi to the list since they mainly serve Hawawshi. Just Hawawshi 🙂


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