10 guilt-free meals that will satisfy your appetite

Whether you’re counting calories or looking for healthier alternatives, there are many ways to avoid ordering food that not only adds extra pounds to the scale, but also has little nutritional benefits. You can stick to eating raw, fresh food and that’s alright. But knowing that the body sometimes has demands, it won’t harm to order food online and enjoy a day out of the kitchen. Taking proper decisions while ordering online can make a huge difference to your mental state especially if you took a decision to eat healthier. The pressure can sometimes halt your progress if you feel like you’re forced to avoid what is available for the public.

When we’re discussing calories, it’s good to know that among all the food of the world, there are healthier alternatives. You can get your calorie intake from different sources but the portions differ:

This is what 200 calories look like. Choose wisely. :)

Each of those dishes contains 200 calories.

Keep this image in mind as a rule of thumb whenever you’re preparing your meals:

Healthy portions mean a healthy life

Healthy portions mean a healthy life

An example

Another example

And if you’re not really sure of your measurements, let your hands be your guide!

healthy measures

Your food servings should not exceed those

Measuring made easy!

Measuring made easy!

Another important step that helps is to start your day with a healthy and rich breakfast. Whether you go for a sandwich and some juice, breakfast cereals, oatmeal and fruits, eggs and a slice of toast; a breakfast should be your first meal everyday to ensure that your body gets its required boost to function properly.

A great day to start the day

A great way to start the day

We recommend the below:

For a sweet and healthy start, try inSeason‘s yummy Parfaits:

Greek yogurt parfait from inSeason

Greek yogurt Parfait from inSeason

Or some traditional Falafel with a healthy twist From Just Falafel:

Baked Falafel served in brown Tortilla bread  from Just Falafel

Baked Falafel served in brown Tortilla bread from Just Falafel

As for lunch, you can enjoy a salad or some grills rather than opt for food that is high in calories and low in nutritional values. A platter of grills from Abou Shakra, perhaps?

Mix Grill from Abou Shakra

Mix Grill from Abou Shakra

Or some grilled chicken and salad from Spectra?


There’s also seafood for an extra luxurious lunch. Try some from Sequoia:


A mouthwatering platter of seafood from Sequoia

Or this nutritious Salmon Steak dish from Sattva Steps:

salmon steak

Grilled to perfection and packed with Omega-3 fatty acids 😉

If you’re craving burgers, you can enjoy a healthy alternative like this delicious and light Lettuce Wrap from Buffalo Burger

Lettuce Wrap from Buffalo Burger

Lettuce Wrap from Buffalo Burger

Dinner time is when you have to be a bit careful. It is usually recommended that you keep it light and have your dinner a few hours before bed time and by 7PM max.

Not only does that help you maintain a healthy weight (or lose some if you intend to), but it also helps you burn your food better and get a good night sleep as the rise in blood sugar and insulin levels due to the consumption of food may disturb your sleep.

We would recommend a fresh salad and those come in different, tummy-filling varieties:

Take this light and exotic Lemon Quinoa salad from Casper and Gambini’s for example:

Lemon Quinoa

A super fine dinner for a healthier lifestyle

Quinoa is considered a worldwide favorite for health enthusiasts as it is rich with protein, fiber and minerals yet does not contain any gluten.

If you prefer some meat added, you can enjoy a Donar Kebab Salad from Adam’s:


Or a Chicken Teriyaki Salad from Subway:


When it comes to salad, there are many ways to enjoy a delicious and filling salad without feeling hungry or adding extra unwanted calories or fats to your daily diet. To make it short, here’s how to build the perfect salad easily:

perfect salad

While committing to a healthy lifestyle, don’t deny yourself desserts and reward yourself every once in a while. If you feel like enjoying a delicious piece of cake, you can indulge and not feel guilty.. as long as you consider it a reward 🙂 Rigoletto is the place when we’re talking sweet rewards:

Tutti Frutti

Celebrate your reward with friends and family.. enjoy the Tutti Frutti ice cream cake from Rigoletto 🙂

Leading a healthy lifestyle is a lifetime commitment. It might not be an easy commitment  to some of us but it surely pays off eventually. Invest some time into planning your meals and substitute unhealthy, processed food with fresh, healthy food and you will notice the results in no time.

Be sure to check out more healthy options from our partners by clicking on the images above 🙂

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