Top 10 restaurants to order from in Cairo

When it comes to dining, Cairo is rich with its diverse collection of restaurants offering a wide range of cuisines. Whether it’s Egyptian, Japanese, Indian, Chinese or a burger joint, Cairo will not spare you the generosity of enjoying your favorite cuisine, anytime, anywhere. We’ve been conducting our own research and we’ve decided to list some of our top 10 restaurants on Otlob that not only have an awesome setting, but also provide delivery right to your doorstep through our website with just one click.


Located in Ma’adi and Zamalek, Fuego offers a delicious selection of sushi along with many popular Japanese dishes in a very cosy and welcoming atmosphere.

Fuego 1 Fuego 2

Fuego California Roll

Fuego California Roll

Rock N Roll

Rock N Roll


Abou Shakra

Located in both Cairo and Alexandria, Abou Shakra serves its customer fresh grills and mouthwatering Tagens.

Gorgeous view by the pyramids

Gorgeous view by the pyramids

Wouldn't you love to enjoy that view too?

Wouldn’t you love to enjoy that view too?

Delicious Tagens

Delicious Tagens

Freshly grilled for you

Freshly grilled for you


Cairo Kitchen

With a contemporary approach to Egyptian food, Cairo Kitchen will surely make you feel at home. Cairo Kitchen is open to its guests in Ma’adi, Zamalek and Diplo Club House to come in and enjoy a pleasantly colorful setup along with its new menu that will remind you of mom’s cooking.

Cairo Kitchen Diplo Club House

Cairo Kitchen Diplo Club House

Cairo Kitchen 1

Cairo Kitchen 2

Cairo Kitchen Molokhia

Cairo Kitchen’s delicious Molokhia

Cairo Kitchen

A feast to remember 🙂


Studio Masr

With many branches covering Egypt, Studio Masr has always been one of those restaurants you can never get enough from with a menu so diverse you can practically enjoy most of the famous Egyptian dishes.

Studio Masr Azhar Park

Studio Masr Azhar Park 2

Studio Masr Fattah

Studio Masr’s yummy Fattah

Studio Masr Tagen

Special Tagens from from the oven

Studio Masr

The amazing grill keeps your meal warm and is not to be missed!


Abou El Sid

Taking Egyptian cuisine to a whole new level with the authenticity and a welcoming atmosphere. Your visit to Abou El Sid will always be a memorable visit whether in Cairo, Alexandria, Gouna or Sharm.

Abou El Sid 1


Abou El Sid

Abou El Sid feast

Circasian Chicken done with perfection

Circasian Chicken done with perfection

TBS (The Bakery Shop)

One of Egypt’s most delicious baked good come from TBS with love and care. You can enjoy their wide range of products in Cairo and Alexandria.

TBS Zamalek






If you’re looking for Lebanese food in Egypt, you don’t want to miss Taboula which is located in Zamalek, Mohandeseen and Heliopolis.Taboula 1 Taboula Sheesha

Taboula table

Taboula table 1


Tutti Matti

With its signature dishes, Tutti Matti will take you to Italy and back. Tutti Matti is located in North Coast and Ma’adi, Cairo and you’ll definitely enjoy your dining experience both visually and taste wise.

Tutti Matti Decor Outside 1 Tutti Matti Decor Outside Tutti Matti Decor

Tutti Matti Tutti Matti Pasta Tutti Matti Angus




Located in Zamalek, Sequoia is best known for its beautiful location by the Nile and its delicious menu items. We’d highly recommend an early luxurious weekend breakfast by the Nile. 🙂

Sequoia NileSequoia Sequoia In Sequoia at night

Sequoia breakfast Sequoia Salmon Sequoia grills



Maison Thomas

One of Cairo’s oldest Pizzerias and one of the finest. We highly recommend their cheesecake to finish off their delicious pizza. (images courtesy of Londoneya & Virtual Tourist)

Maison Thomas 1 Maison Thomas

Maison Thomas Pizza 1 Maison Thomas Pizza

The list of restaurants is endless and we’d love to go on and highlight some more of Cairo’s amazing restaurants but we’ll leave that up to you to discover and tell us: what’s your favorite hangout spot in Cairo? 🙂

Enjoy order from the above restaurants by clicking on the images.


*disclaimer: images above are taken from each restaurant’s page on Facebook unless stated otherwise*


Knitted food that totally looks like real food!

We’ve come across those adorable knitted food items and the resemblance to some of our partner’s delicious items was uncanny!

Here are 10 of those artistic creations along with their lookalikes:

This knitted Salmon and cheese bagel totally looks like Lox bagel from Munch and Bagel

This knitted chocolate Eclair totally looks like Chocolate Eclair Gateaux from Monginis

This knitted pretzel totally looks like Auntie Anne’s Orignial Pretzel

These knitted hot dogs totally look like Dairy Queen’s hot dogs

These knitted doughnuts totally look like TBS’s delicious White Chocolate and Brown Chocolate Doughnuts

This knitted pizza slice totally looks like Roma Pizza 2 Go’s pizza

This knitted burger totally looks like Burger Joint’s Original Burger

This knitted Frozen Yogurt totally looks like the delicious Yoguland’s Frozen Yogurt

This knitted Shrimp Nigiri Sushi totally looks like Gui’s Shrimp Nigiri Sushi

This knitted sandwich totally looks like Subway’s delicious sandwich

All you need to know about Sushi

Sushi is a very exquisite dish that has become a huge hit in Egypt and the Middle East within the past few years. For many of Sushi fans, the freshness of the ingredients and the whole dining experience is what makes it a must have and keeps them coming back. But what do we know about Sushi?


Sushi was mainly created to preserve fish in Southeast Asia around the 8th century. The main idea was to salt the fish, ferment the rice and wrap the fish in rice. The fermentation of the rice prevented the fish from spoiling, making Sushi in its original form a food preservation method rather than a delicacy. The rice was always discarded and the fish was preserved perfectly providing the people an important source of protein.

The fish wrapped in fermented rice

The fish wrapped in fermented rice

Preserved fish

Preserved fish

By time, Sushi witnessed a few variations as the use of raw, fresh fish wrapped in rice alone or mixed with other vegetables and dry seaweed was becoming popular. The rice was used to compliment the fish rather than preserve it.

Sushi became a fast food item at one point when Nigiri Sushi invented by Hanaya Yohei and was served by street vendors on the streets of Tokyo. Nigiri Sushi became popular throughout the country due to the relocation of some of the Nigiri Sushi chefs after the Great Kanto earthquake.

Hanaya Yohei

Eating Sushi

  • If you’ve never had Sushi before, we highly recommend you choose a reputable restaurant known for preparing fresh Sushi. Having a bad first experience can ruin Sushi for you forever.
  • Be sure to grab a expert Sushi eater along as they would help you with choosing your Sushi. You can also always ask around for recommendations according to your taste.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with Sushi but don’t step out of your comfort zone on your first time.
  • Know the four basic types of Sushi and the different condiments so you’d be familiar with what you’re going to try. (We’ve included those below!) 😉
  • Prepare your Soy Sauce and get your chopsticks ready. You can always ask for beginner chopsticks or eat with your hands! (Don’t worry, no one will judge.)

We’re sure the whole Sushi experience would be more authentic using chopsticks, so here’s how to use chopsticks with ease:

Click image to view full

Click to view full size

Here’s a depiction of some of the common Sushi Do’s and Don’ts:

Click to view full size

Click to view full size

Basic Sushi Condiments

There are 3 main condiments used along while eating Sushi: Soy Sauce, Wasabi paste and Gari.

Soy Sauce

We are all aware what Soy Sauce is. You can dip your Sushi piece in the Soy Sauce but you must be careful not to overdo it. Some chefs prepare their Sushi with Soy Sauce so keep an eye on your Sushi and avoid dipping in in Soy Sauce if it already is seasoned or dressed.


Wasabi is a green paste made from the grated root of the Wasabia japonica plant which is known as Japanese Horseradish.  It is strong in flavor and it is extremely hot so be aware while using Wasabi if you’re not into spicy food. Some people prefer mixing a tiny bit of Wasabi into their Soy Sauce dip. You can also brush a little bit of it onto the Sushi piece. Again: If it’s your first time, we highly recommend approaching Wasabi with caution especially if you’re not very into spicy food. Don’t be afraid to ask. 🙂


Gari is sweet pickled ginger that is usually eaten between each Sushi course. In addition to it being extremely delicious and refreshing, it aids in digestion.

Types of Sushi

Nigiri Sushi

The most popular and known form of sushi which comes in a piece of seafood placed on a bed of lightly vinegared rice. Fish is usually raw while shellfish is sometimes cooked.

An assortment of Nigiri Sushi from Makani

An assortment of Nigiri Sushi from Makani

Nigiri courtesy of Asian Corner

Nigiri courtesy of Asian Corner

Tako (Octopus) Sushi from Bob Sushi

Tako (Octopus) Sushi from Bob Sushi

Assorted Nigiri by Fuego

Assorted Nigiri by Fuego

Gui's Nigiri

Gui’s Nigiri

Ebi (Shrimp) Nigiri from Sushi Bay

Ebi (Shrimp) Nigiri from Sushi Bay

Salmon Nigiri from Sushi Shack Express

Salmon Nigiri from Sushi Shack Express


Gunkan Maki

Gunkan Maki is similar in concept to Nigiri Sushi. The only difference is that the piece is wrapped in dried seaweed (Nori) to hold together the piece which usually contains soft toppings such as fish roe, sea urchin and minced tuna.

Gunkan Maki surrounded by Nigiri Sushi from Bob Sushi

Gunkan Maki surrounded by Nigiri Sushi from Bob Sushi

Ikura (salmon roe) Gunkan Sushi by Gui

Ikura (salmon roe) Gunkan Sushi by Gui

Maki Sushi

Maki Sushi is the most diverse types of Sushi as it has many variations created by several different and delicious ingredients. It is created by rolling together different ingredients in a sheet of seaweed (Nori) on a bamboo mat. The roll resembling a tube is then cut into pieces. This is the most popular type of sushi and as mentioned before, has many variations that are unique to each Sushi chef.

A delicious Maki Roll from Bob Sushi

A delicious Maki Roll from Bob Sushi

Alaskan Roll by Fuego

Alaskan Roll by Fuego

Another delicious Maki Roll by Gui

Another delicious Maki Roll by Gui

Special Maki Roll by Makani

Special Maki Roll by Makani

Spoiled Lobster Roll by Sushi Bay

Spoiled Lobster Roll by Sushi Bay

Monaco Roll by Tsunami

Monaco Roll by Tsunami

Temaki (hand) Sushi

Temaki Sushi is created by hand rolling the ingredients into a single seaweed sheet and shaping it into a cone.

An assortment of Rolls by Bob Sushi

An assortment of Temaki Sushi by Bob Sushi

Fuego Temaki

Fuego Temaki

Salmon Temaki by Gui

Salmon Temaki by Gui


Sashimi is not to be confused with Sushi although it is equally delicious to Sushi lovers. It is usually thinly sliced seafood served in a raw state. To enjoy Sashimi, you must dip it in Soy Sauce, Wasabi or ground ginger (depending on the type of Sashimi). Sashimi does not contain rice and is never cooked. It is generally safe to consume if it is freshly prepared yet it is not recommended to pregnant women.


A fresh assortment of Sashimi by Fuego


It is no doubt that Sushi has and always will be a life changing experience to some of those who ventured into this unique type of cuisine. When you enjoy your first Sushi experience, your taste palates acquire an outlandishly marvelous flavor that never departs your mind. We highly recommend giving each of the above pictured items a try through our partners by clicking on them. Enjoy your Sushi! 🙂


5 strange dishes you might want to try in Egypt

Sometimes, we come across strangely named dishes that might or might not have unusual ingredients. Whether you’re curious enough to try those items or not, it is definitely one way for those restaurants to stand out from the crowd.

That's a way to stand out!

That’s a way to stand out!

Below are some of the strange items we came across:

Caviar Sandwich from Baladi

Caviar is a delicacy with a huge and meticulous fanbase. When we mention Caviar, the first image that pops to head is this:


And when we say “Caviar Sandwich”, you’d probably think about this:

However, Baladi managed to add the Egyptian touch to the delicious delicacy and came up with this special sandwich:


Cheese Burger Pizza from Roma Pizza To Go

This is what you’d usually expect when you hear or see the words “Burger Pizza”:

burger pizza

The reality is different, though. It’s just a regular pizza with everyone’s favorite topping: Cheese Burger. Thank you, Roma Pizza To Go!


Black Forest Pie from Majesty

You would expect a typical chocolate cake with delicious cherries and cream in the shape of a pie but we all know that in Egypt, a pie is typically made of pastry and is usually called Feteer.

The Black Forest Pie from Majesty is a twist to the popular Feteer Meshaltet which is usually either served sweet with sugar, custard/cream & nuts (and/or coconut) or savory with cheese and vegetables if you’re being extra wild. With extra cherries, pineapple, peach, apple, kiwi, bananas, chocolate, cream and raisins; The Black Forest Pie is surely unique and promises a delicious experience to those who try it.


The extra additions gave Feteer lovers their Feteer Utopia and there’s practically hundreds of ways to enjoy Feteer, sweet or savory.

Warm Apple Crisp Pizza from Crust

Another twist to Pizza and it sounds extremely delicious. Topped with apples and caramelized cinnamon, it surely is one item that you wouldn’t want to miss courtesy of Crust. We’ve tried it and we highly recommend it if you’re a fan with freshly baked Pizza and mouthwatering apple. (Pro tip: you can also add extra ice cream to it)


Shaburger Sandwich from Shawerma El Reem

We all love Shawerma. But have you tried a Shawerma Burger?

The recipe is simple: Shawerma spiced burger patty. Shawerma El Reem didn’t just stuff the Shawerma in a bun (another item available on their menu), they also came up with a delicious burger with shawerma spices. All for the love of Shawerma!


BONUS: Just Hawawshi

There’s nothing weird about Hawawshi but we wanted to add Just Hawawshi to the list since they mainly serve Hawawshi. Just Hawawshi 🙂


The evolution of Egyptian cuisine in Egypt

egyptian food

Egypt has been known for it’s mouthwatering specialties such as Koshary, Molokheya, Mousaka, Hawawshi, Mombar, Stuffed Pigeon, chicken and beef liver, Fitir, Foul, Fatta, and many more. Throughout the history of Egypt, some of those dishes were food of the people; as ancient as the pyramids and the primary reason why those pyramids are still standing. The food was simple, cheap and high in protein derived mainly from legumes. That being said, Egyptian cuisine at its simplest form is very convenient for vegetarians since it mostly consists of vegetables and legumes. Seafood is also a specialty in Egypt when we move closer towards the Mediterranean.

Enjoying a delicious gathering by the Pyramids.

Enjoying a delicious gathering by the Pyramids.

Egypt's #1 delicacy: Foul.

Egypt’s #1 delicacy: Foul. Breakfast of the poor and the rich, full of protein and extremely yummy for the tummy!

Laila Taher, a famous Egyptian actress enjoying her Foul dish

Laila Taher, a famous Egyptian actress enjoying her Foul dish

Anyone who’s tried Egyptian food knows that it’s not easy to ignore the urge of having a Foul sandwich or a Koshary dish every now and then. For those who are blessed with an Egyptian mother, it is easier said than done since it is practically available on demand thanks to Mom’s loving nature. But for those of us who live on their own, you technically cannot make your own Molokheya the traditional Egyptian way (at least without intensive training and rigorous practice!)

The breakthrough came when Andrea started serving some of the popular Egyptian appetizers such as Mombar, Hawawshi, Liver dishes, and many more; gaining popular demand and constant approval. Andrea which delivers to Maadi and El RehabEl Tagammoa El Awal,El Tagammoa El KhamesHeliopolis, and Nasr City also serves a variety of Egyptian grills that has surely placed it among the top Egyptian restaurants.


Abou Shakra is one of those restaurants who also revolutionized the way to Egyptian food and made it available to those who crave it by serving Egyptian grills and appetizers. Some of those are the Freek stuffed Pigeon, Duck and Chicken; dishes that are very popular among Egyptian people and that are extremely intricate to perfect.

Abou Shakra appetizers

Arabiata Al-Shabrawy didn’t spare us any of it’s generosity throughout the years as well. If you wanted to enjoy an authentic Egyptian breakfast, this is where you’d head. Serving Fava beans (Foul), Falafel and several famous Egyptian breakfast dishes, it definitely provided many hard workers with the kick start they needed for a long and tiring day.

fool-arabiata Arabiata

Stepping it up a notch

The demand on Egyptian main dishes was high enough for the owners of Abou El Sid to invest in a restaurant that serves quality homemade Egyptian food. In 2000, Abou El Sid opened its first branch in Zamalek, catering to a wide audience of hungry Egyptians and foreigners alike. A visit to Abou El Sid is surely a delight as you went back in time and enjoyed the true essence of Egypt. 14 years later, Abou El Sid delivers in Cairo & Alexandria making their delicious menu items available to all their lovers and fans.

abou el sid abou el sid molokheya abou el sid tea

Cairo Kitchen is also putting a modern twist to Egyptian cuisine yet still maintaining the its authentic taste. The result was absolutely mouthwatering and Cairo Kitchen is now considered one of the top Egyptian restaurants thanks to its delicious dishes and authentic feel and taste not to mention, its affordable prices.

Molokheya Mousaka

Whether you’re looking for the feel or the taste of Egyptian food, the evolution of Egyptian cuisine throughout the past 15 years has made it easier for anyone to enjoy both with ease. The prices range but the conclusion will always remain the same: Egyptian cuisine is a unique cuisine that has many fans who surely know that a huge part of Egypt lies in its delicious recipes.

egyptian breakfast

You can find more restaurants delivering your favorite Egyptian dishes on our website. Order your food online, sit back while they prepare it for you and enjoy the taste of Egypt through