The evolution of Egyptian cuisine in Egypt

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Egypt has been known for it’s mouthwatering specialties such as Koshary, Molokheya, Mousaka, Hawawshi, Mombar, Stuffed Pigeon, chicken and beef liver, Fitir, Foul, Fatta, and many more. Throughout the history of Egypt, some of those dishes were food of the people; as ancient as the pyramids and the primary reason why those pyramids are still standing. The food was simple, cheap and high in protein derived mainly from legumes. That being said, Egyptian cuisine at its simplest form is very convenient for vegetarians since it mostly consists of vegetables and legumes. Seafood is also a specialty in Egypt when we move closer towards the Mediterranean.

Enjoying a delicious gathering by the Pyramids.

Enjoying a delicious gathering by the Pyramids.

Egypt's #1 delicacy: Foul.

Egypt’s #1 delicacy: Foul. Breakfast of the poor and the rich, full of protein and extremely yummy for the tummy!

Laila Taher, a famous Egyptian actress enjoying her Foul dish

Laila Taher, a famous Egyptian actress enjoying her Foul dish

Anyone who’s tried Egyptian food knows that it’s not easy to ignore the urge of having a Foul sandwich or a Koshary dish every now and then. For those who are blessed with an Egyptian mother, it is easier said than done since it is practically available on demand thanks to Mom’s loving nature. But for those of us who live on their own, you technically cannot make your own Molokheya the traditional Egyptian way (at least without intensive training and rigorous practice!)

The breakthrough came when Andrea started serving some of the popular Egyptian appetizers such as Mombar, Hawawshi, Liver dishes, and many more; gaining popular demand and constant approval. Andrea which delivers to Maadi and El RehabEl Tagammoa El Awal,El Tagammoa El KhamesHeliopolis, and Nasr City also serves a variety of Egyptian grills that has surely placed it among the top Egyptian restaurants.


Abou Shakra is one of those restaurants who also revolutionized the way to Egyptian food and made it available to those who crave it by serving Egyptian grills and appetizers. Some of those are the Freek stuffed Pigeon, Duck and Chicken; dishes that are very popular among Egyptian people and that are extremely intricate to perfect.

Abou Shakra appetizers

Arabiata Al-Shabrawy didn’t spare us any of it’s generosity throughout the years as well. If you wanted to enjoy an authentic Egyptian breakfast, this is where you’d head. Serving Fava beans (Foul), Falafel and several famous Egyptian breakfast dishes, it definitely provided many hard workers with the kick start they needed for a long and tiring day.

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Stepping it up a notch

The demand on Egyptian main dishes was high enough for the owners of Abou El Sid to invest in a restaurant that serves quality homemade Egyptian food. In 2000, Abou El Sid opened its first branch in Zamalek, catering to a wide audience of hungry Egyptians and foreigners alike. A visit to Abou El Sid is surely a delight as you went back in time and enjoyed the true essence of Egypt. 14 years later, Abou El Sid delivers in Cairo & Alexandria making their delicious menu items available to all their lovers and fans.

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Cairo Kitchen is also putting a modern twist to Egyptian cuisine yet still maintaining the its authentic taste. The result was absolutely mouthwatering and Cairo Kitchen is now considered one of the top Egyptian restaurants thanks to its delicious dishes and authentic feel and taste not to mention, its affordable prices.

Molokheya Mousaka

Whether you’re looking for the feel or the taste of Egyptian food, the evolution of Egyptian cuisine throughout the past 15 years has made it easier for anyone to enjoy both with ease. The prices range but the conclusion will always remain the same: Egyptian cuisine is a unique cuisine that has many fans who surely know that a huge part of Egypt lies in its delicious recipes.

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