Delicious childhood memories

Remember the good times you spent that one summer with friends and relatives? Those small feasts you had as kids whenever you felt exhausted from your skateboards, roller skates, football, basketball or even hide and seek sessions? How about that lonely cookie you managed to save for school and ended up sharing with your friends? 🙂

In today’s post, we’re going to take you on a walk down memory lane with some of our partners:

Fast food love

Whether it’s McDonald’s, Hardee’s, or KFC, we’ve all been crazy for the kid’s meal.

Happy Meal



And we all know why:

Happy Meal toys



And sometimes, the highlight of our day would simply be:




And you end up having a great memory of you and your childhood buddies having your first Happy Meal:



Whether you skipped school with friends and gathered at the nearest Koshary store or your parents walked into home after a long day at work with a bag of Koshary containers, Koshary is one of those meals that reminded you of the good old days. No matter what the memory associated with Koshry is, it would surely be there for you whenever you longed for a cheap yet very delicious meal.



Have you ever received a doughnut reward whenever you did great at school? Or perhaps had a surprise doughnut store visit with your parents? Regardless of how you finally got your hands on the mouthwatering lord of the rings, we’re sure it was a memory never to forget. Every time.

Does this remind you of something?


Bakery smells

Remember passing by the local bakery and standing there with your stomach urging you to walk into that place to grab a freshly baked croissant or a yummy pate?


We’ve all been there. The smell always reminds us of good times even as we grew into adults. Something about the bakery smells that reminds us of home and puts us into a state of trance.



We all love cake. Admit it. Birthday cake, Gateaux, pound cake, you name it. We’ve had birthday parties, we’ve been to our neighbor’s birthday party, our friend’s birthday party and they’ve all had one thing in common: cake!

A whole lot of memories 🙂



Oriental Sweets

Ramadan will always be full of memories of family visits and happy Iftar moments and a typical Ramadan Iftar would not be complete without the delicious Konafa or Basbousa, and Eid wouldn’t be worth it without the Ka’ak!

Sweet Saray



Homemade pizza, ready made pizza, any pizza. It’s a number one childhood memory. If you’ve gathered with your parents and siblings around a nice box of freshly delivered pizza, you’ll totally relate. If Mom makes pizza and you know it has its own rating above all the other pizzas of the world, you’ll totally relate. Nothing beats homemade pizza and the memories of each time your mother brought out a tray of pizza from the oven. You impatiently picked on the hot dog or meat slices on the top and whatever dough hung out of that tray just to get the taste of the long awaited pizza Mom just baked.



Papa Johns


Ice Cream

Summer time and Ice Cream always go hand in hand. Remember those creamy delicious treats?


You get your ice cream, devouring it one lick after the other


and then munch on the biscuit cone..


it starts leaking from below.. but you outsmart the delicious devil


Or maybe you’re not a cone person.. you just like your ice cream in a cup


or off a stick..


We love ice cream.. we really do



i love ice cream

And Pasta..

Spaghetti, Fettuccine, Lasagne, Cannelloni, Macaroni, Penne, noodles: they’re all the same to you as a kid. You just loved it. Whether with red sauce and meatballs, Bechamel sauce and minced meat, white sauce, chicken and mushroom, pasta remains one of those childhood dishes everyone loves.





You can’t deny that food has always been our childhood companion, whether with friends or family and many dishes add richness to our memories of those golden days. It almost seems as if food with all its variations allow such memories to come to life the minute we consume them and they automatically send us years back.

Enjoy your childhood memories with our partners by clicking on the images. 🙂

All you need to know about Sushi

Sushi is a very exquisite dish that has become a huge hit in Egypt and the Middle East within the past few years. For many of Sushi fans, the freshness of the ingredients and the whole dining experience is what makes it a must have and keeps them coming back. But what do we know about Sushi?


Sushi was mainly created to preserve fish in Southeast Asia around the 8th century. The main idea was to salt the fish, ferment the rice and wrap the fish in rice. The fermentation of the rice prevented the fish from spoiling, making Sushi in its original form a food preservation method rather than a delicacy. The rice was always discarded and the fish was preserved perfectly providing the people an important source of protein.

The fish wrapped in fermented rice

The fish wrapped in fermented rice

Preserved fish

Preserved fish

By time, Sushi witnessed a few variations as the use of raw, fresh fish wrapped in rice alone or mixed with other vegetables and dry seaweed was becoming popular. The rice was used to compliment the fish rather than preserve it.

Sushi became a fast food item at one point when Nigiri Sushi invented by Hanaya Yohei and was served by street vendors on the streets of Tokyo. Nigiri Sushi became popular throughout the country due to the relocation of some of the Nigiri Sushi chefs after the Great Kanto earthquake.

Hanaya Yohei

Eating Sushi

  • If you’ve never had Sushi before, we highly recommend you choose a reputable restaurant known for preparing fresh Sushi. Having a bad first experience can ruin Sushi for you forever.
  • Be sure to grab a expert Sushi eater along as they would help you with choosing your Sushi. You can also always ask around for recommendations according to your taste.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with Sushi but don’t step out of your comfort zone on your first time.
  • Know the four basic types of Sushi and the different condiments so you’d be familiar with what you’re going to try. (We’ve included those below!) 😉
  • Prepare your Soy Sauce and get your chopsticks ready. You can always ask for beginner chopsticks or eat with your hands! (Don’t worry, no one will judge.)

We’re sure the whole Sushi experience would be more authentic using chopsticks, so here’s how to use chopsticks with ease:

Click image to view full

Click to view full size

Here’s a depiction of some of the common Sushi Do’s and Don’ts:

Click to view full size

Click to view full size

Basic Sushi Condiments

There are 3 main condiments used along while eating Sushi: Soy Sauce, Wasabi paste and Gari.

Soy Sauce

We are all aware what Soy Sauce is. You can dip your Sushi piece in the Soy Sauce but you must be careful not to overdo it. Some chefs prepare their Sushi with Soy Sauce so keep an eye on your Sushi and avoid dipping in in Soy Sauce if it already is seasoned or dressed.


Wasabi is a green paste made from the grated root of the Wasabia japonica plant which is known as Japanese Horseradish.  It is strong in flavor and it is extremely hot so be aware while using Wasabi if you’re not into spicy food. Some people prefer mixing a tiny bit of Wasabi into their Soy Sauce dip. You can also brush a little bit of it onto the Sushi piece. Again: If it’s your first time, we highly recommend approaching Wasabi with caution especially if you’re not very into spicy food. Don’t be afraid to ask. 🙂


Gari is sweet pickled ginger that is usually eaten between each Sushi course. In addition to it being extremely delicious and refreshing, it aids in digestion.

Types of Sushi

Nigiri Sushi

The most popular and known form of sushi which comes in a piece of seafood placed on a bed of lightly vinegared rice. Fish is usually raw while shellfish is sometimes cooked.

An assortment of Nigiri Sushi from Makani

An assortment of Nigiri Sushi from Makani

Nigiri courtesy of Asian Corner

Nigiri courtesy of Asian Corner

Tako (Octopus) Sushi from Bob Sushi

Tako (Octopus) Sushi from Bob Sushi

Assorted Nigiri by Fuego

Assorted Nigiri by Fuego

Gui's Nigiri

Gui’s Nigiri

Ebi (Shrimp) Nigiri from Sushi Bay

Ebi (Shrimp) Nigiri from Sushi Bay

Salmon Nigiri from Sushi Shack Express

Salmon Nigiri from Sushi Shack Express


Gunkan Maki

Gunkan Maki is similar in concept to Nigiri Sushi. The only difference is that the piece is wrapped in dried seaweed (Nori) to hold together the piece which usually contains soft toppings such as fish roe, sea urchin and minced tuna.

Gunkan Maki surrounded by Nigiri Sushi from Bob Sushi

Gunkan Maki surrounded by Nigiri Sushi from Bob Sushi

Ikura (salmon roe) Gunkan Sushi by Gui

Ikura (salmon roe) Gunkan Sushi by Gui

Maki Sushi

Maki Sushi is the most diverse types of Sushi as it has many variations created by several different and delicious ingredients. It is created by rolling together different ingredients in a sheet of seaweed (Nori) on a bamboo mat. The roll resembling a tube is then cut into pieces. This is the most popular type of sushi and as mentioned before, has many variations that are unique to each Sushi chef.

A delicious Maki Roll from Bob Sushi

A delicious Maki Roll from Bob Sushi

Alaskan Roll by Fuego

Alaskan Roll by Fuego

Another delicious Maki Roll by Gui

Another delicious Maki Roll by Gui

Special Maki Roll by Makani

Special Maki Roll by Makani

Spoiled Lobster Roll by Sushi Bay

Spoiled Lobster Roll by Sushi Bay

Monaco Roll by Tsunami

Monaco Roll by Tsunami

Temaki (hand) Sushi

Temaki Sushi is created by hand rolling the ingredients into a single seaweed sheet and shaping it into a cone.

An assortment of Rolls by Bob Sushi

An assortment of Temaki Sushi by Bob Sushi

Fuego Temaki

Fuego Temaki

Salmon Temaki by Gui

Salmon Temaki by Gui


Sashimi is not to be confused with Sushi although it is equally delicious to Sushi lovers. It is usually thinly sliced seafood served in a raw state. To enjoy Sashimi, you must dip it in Soy Sauce, Wasabi or ground ginger (depending on the type of Sashimi). Sashimi does not contain rice and is never cooked. It is generally safe to consume if it is freshly prepared yet it is not recommended to pregnant women.


A fresh assortment of Sashimi by Fuego


It is no doubt that Sushi has and always will be a life changing experience to some of those who ventured into this unique type of cuisine. When you enjoy your first Sushi experience, your taste palates acquire an outlandishly marvelous flavor that never departs your mind. We highly recommend giving each of the above pictured items a try through our partners by clicking on them. Enjoy your Sushi! 🙂