Knitted food that totally looks like real food!

We’ve come across those adorable knitted food items and the resemblance to some of our partner’s delicious items was uncanny!

Here are 10 of those artistic creations along with their lookalikes:

This knitted Salmon and cheese bagel totally looks like Lox bagel from Munch and Bagel

This knitted chocolate Eclair totally looks like Chocolate Eclair Gateaux from Monginis

This knitted pretzel totally looks like Auntie Anne’s Orignial Pretzel

These knitted hot dogs totally look like Dairy Queen’s hot dogs

These knitted doughnuts totally look like TBS’s delicious White Chocolate and Brown Chocolate Doughnuts

This knitted pizza slice totally looks like Roma Pizza 2 Go’s pizza

This knitted burger totally looks like Burger Joint’s Original Burger

This knitted Frozen Yogurt totally looks like the delicious Yoguland’s Frozen Yogurt

This knitted Shrimp Nigiri Sushi totally looks like Gui’s Shrimp Nigiri Sushi

This knitted sandwich totally looks like Subway’s delicious sandwich